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About Jewish Spectrum Support

Jewish Spectrum Support (JSS) was conceived when two Jewish mums began comparing their experiences of having children on the Spectrum and being part of the Jewish community. They decided to see if any other parents had similar isolating experiences and contacted their informal networks. In May 2012, eight parents met in a café and Jewish Spectrum Support was born!

Very quickly the group attracted parents and rapidly grew into an important support network for a number of Jewish parents.

Jewish Spectrum Support is run by four mothers and is an informal support group. We are independent, not affiliated with any other organisation nor Jewish congregation and we are open to feedback from anyone who comes to our meetings. 

Our Aims are to:

  • Be a support group for the parents of pre-school or school aged Jewish children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Provide peer support and sharing of stories, experiences and resources in a safe, confidential and respectful manner.
  • Reduce the isolation often experienced by parents of Jewish children on the spectrum by providing an opportunity to connect with other parents in similar situations. 

If parents have particular goals in addition to this, they can meet separately to pursue these, and if they wish, report back to the  support meetings.